The 90’s found Canada’s Wonderland established as Canada’s Premier Theme Park, and the owner’s wasted no time adding to the park’s vast collection of rides and attractions.

downloadThe 1990 season saw  Jet Scream added to the Grande World Exposition of 1890 section of the park, later renamed Action Zone. Jet Scream was a different take on the conventional swinging ship ride, taking riders on a full 360 degree rotation aboard a Space Shuttle shaped vessel.
The ride would be removed before the 2011 Season to make way for Windseeker.

Watch the Jet Scream Commercial from 1990

1991 brought Vortex, Canada’s first suspended roller coaster to the park.download (2)
Climbing 91 feet  up the side of Wonder Mountain, guests are treated to a view of the park before barreling down the side of the mountain and across the lake locate at speeds of 55mph. Vortex still remains the tallest coaster of it’s kind according to
the Guinness Book of World Records and ties for the fastest.


1992 marked a huge milestone in the park’s history when it added a waterpark – SplashWorks – that included six attractions:

  •  Pipeline, a double slide
  • Lazy River, the conventional lazy river ride stretching for 1/4 miles.
  • Body Blast
  • Splash Island, the kids area of the water park
  • Whirl Winds
  • Wipeout, 70 ft high speed slide

1993  Kid’s Kingdom, a jungle gym style attraction was added for the younger guests.

Paramount_Canadas_Wonderland_logoPrior to the 1994 season Paramount Parks purchased Canada’s Wonderland from owner Kings Entertainment Group and re-branding the park and many of it’s rides and attractions began.

The connection to Hanna-Barbera based characters lessened as Paramount brought in their own Nickelodeon brands such as Spongebob Squarepants and Fairly Odd Parents.

Also added this year was Paramount’s Action F/X Theatre, a action simulation theatre featuring Days of Thunder – based on the film of the same title.

1995 Top Gun, re-named Flight Deck in 2008, a suspended looping roller coaster was added in the Grande World Exposition of 1890 section of the park. It took the place of Zumba Flume, which was removed after the 1994 season.

in 1996 Quixote’s Kettles was renovated and re-branded Spinovator and several additions to the SplashWorks water park were made.

  • White Water Bay, 36,000 feet wave pool
  • The Black Hole, 2 enclosed slides that stood 4 storeys high and inter-twined
  • The Pump House,  a playground for the younger guests

The same year Paramount also added Xtreme Skyflyer, a `170 foot Skycoaster that was all the rage in the 90’s. Xtreme Skyflyer was an additional charge to guests and was located in The Grande World Exposition of 1890 part of the park.

1997 Drop Zone  and the extra charge Speed City Raceway were added to Medieval Faire.

1998 the re-branding and naming continuted:

Dragon Fyre is renamed Dragon Fire.
Happy Landing is renamed Swan Lake.
Wonder Tours is renamed Jokey’s Jalopies.
Scooby Choo is renamed Kidzville Station.
Balloon Race is renamed Frequent Flyers
Kid’s Kingdom is renamed Candy Factory.

In addition to these changes Kidzville, is added to the park that included Taxi Jam, Chopper Chase, A-Mazing Adventure, Favourator, and Swing Time.

`1999 brought even more additions to Splashworks including:

  • The Plunge, a 4 person raft slide
  • Super Soaker

The Fly, a wild mouse style roller coaster was also added to International Festival and Shiva’s Fury is renamed The Fury.

Hot Rock Raceway, the Flintstones inspired kiddie go carts are removed at the end of this season.

Canada’s Wonderland to remove Jet Scream to make way for WindSeeker



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