Defunct Rides

Wonder Mountain Walkway



Prior to the addition of Thunder Run, visitors could walk a pathway that led to an observation deck on the top of the mountain. It was closed to make way for relocated mechanical equipment which was taken from the inside of the ‘mountain’ and placed in the public areas, and because a danger was caused to people riding Thunder Run due to garbage being thrown from the walkway onto the track below. Another portion of the walkway, which went behind Victoria Falls, remained open for a number of years afterwards, being closed in the mid-1990s because of accidents due to slippery walkways.
Pharaoh’s Eye


Pharaoh’s Eye Round Up was removed to make way for the Racing Rivers water-slide attraction, which currently is the site where Psyclone and Sledge Hammer are located. Swing of the Century was also located in that area at the time when it was known as the Swing of Siam, but it was moved to its current location to make way for the Racing Rivers.
Zumba Flume



Zumba Flume was a classic log flume ride. It was removed to make way for Flight Deck (Top Gun).
Bedrock Dock


Bedrock Dock was a small boat ride, removed in 1999 to make way for Scooby Doo’s Haunted Mansion, as well as the ongoing removal of everything Flintstones-related from the park. It is now located at Carowinds as Snoopy’s Yacht Club (formerly Little Bill’s Cruisers until the end of the 2009 season).
Bayern’s Curve



Bayern’s Curve was a 16-car attraction manufactured by Schwarzkopf which ran in a circle many times, situated next to Wonder Mountain. It closed at season’s end in 2000. This ride was most famous for the massive horn as part of the set, and the blast the horn sounded as the ride reached its maximum speed. Klockwerks replaced Bayern’s Curve, as it was moved ‘across the street’ to accommodate Shockwave the next year.
Bedrock Aquarium


Originally called “Saltwater Circus”, this marine show tent was closed for 2003 when Nickelodeon Central replaced the northern section of Hanna Barbara Land. In 2002, it was renamed the “Bedrock Event Tent”, but was shut down after the last of the Flintstones-themed elements were eliminated from the park. After 9 years of being in a state of disrepair, the Aquarium was finally demolished in September 2011 to make way for Dinosaurs Alive!.
HotRock Raceway


HotRock Raceway was closed in 2002 due to difficulty in maintaining the ride and increasing downtime.
Flintstones Flyboys


Flintstones FlyBoys was rider-controlled round ride, similar to Aerofield, removed in 2002 along with the ongoing removal of everything Flintstones-related from the park.
The Fury


The Fury (Originally Shiva’s Fury 1981–2001) was removed at the end of the 2003 season to make way for Time Warp (Tomb Raider: The Ride). It now sits in pieces behind Splashworks.
The Great Whale of China


The Great Whale of China was removed at the end of the 2003 season to make way for Time Warp (Tomb Raider: The Ride). It was in storage behind Kingswood before being relocated to Carowinds where it is now known as Peanuts Pirates (formerly Revenge of the Flying Dutchman until the end of the 2009 season).


SkyRider closed on September 1, 2014. According to the park, the roller coaster was removed for future expansions.[2]

SkyRider is now known as Freestyle and can be found at Cavallino Matto in Tuscany, Italy. View the website here

Smurf Cave


A funhouse-like cave building that featured scenes of Smurfs in their “natural” habitat. This attraction was actually converted from Yogi’s Cave in Yogi’s Forest (1981–1983) before the area was changed to Smurf Forest for the 1984 season. Also featured near the end of the cave was a section of Gargamel’s house where Gargamel would be playing his organ. Gargamel’s house was formerly the Ranger’s Cabin during its use in Yogi’s Cave. Smurf Village was removed and replaced by an arcade until 1998 where it housed Meet-and-Greets with the Rugrats. Currently it functions as a gift shop and mini-arcade in the Zoom Zone area.
Pharaoh’s Falls


Two of the Racing Rivers water slides that had riders sitting on plastic runners (sleds) and descended at a very steep angle starting at 30 feet, it was removed for an unknown reason however the loading tower remained standing until its removal at the end of the 2001 season for Psyclone.


The other two Racing Rivers water slides that were tubular, enclosed, and twisted, and had riders sitting on inner-tubes, it was removed at the end of the 2001 season for Psyclone.
Jet Scream


Jet Scream was a looping star ship ride Manufactured by Intamin, which spun riders in a 360-degree rotation 10 stories high. It was removed to make way for the new WindSeeker ride at the end of the 2010 season.


Pipeline was a short criss-crossing covered waterslide, was removed to make way for Riptide Racer.
Jumbo Bumps


Jumbo Bumbs was a large slide located in the Kid’s Kingdom playground, now known as The Candy Factory, it was removed to make way for the new Zoom Zone area including Silver Streak, Blast Off, and Jumpin’ Jet.
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      1. Peter

        Sara’s claim is incorrect.

        Wipe Out was a waterslide in Splash Works that was named “Drop Zone” for its first five years of existence (1992-96). After that, it was renamed to “Wipe Out” until its removal after 2004.

        In 1997, the park opened a new attraction named Drop Tower — a tall structure in Medieval Faire that drops riders straight down. This was the ride that was renamed to “Drop Tower” in 2008.


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