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We recently found out the whereabouts to Wonderland’s beloved coaster SkyRider.  Reader Luke pointed us to Cavallino Matto, a theme park in Tuscany. The  coaster has since been renamed Freestyle and looks amazing in it’s new home.

You can find out more at Cavallino Matto’s website right here.

SkyRider originally opened in 1985 in the Grande Exposition 1890 area of the park, and closed on September 1, 2014 to make way for future expansions.

In July 2015, SkyRider debuted in it’s new home to a great reception and remains Italy’s only stand up coaster!

We’d also like to congratulate Luke on winning the change to be one of the last people to ride SkyRider at Canada’s Wonderland.  Here’s his winning video contribution!


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A wonderful human being sent me a beautiful collection of Canada’s Wonderland in it’s early days. I can not thank you enough, you know who you are!

Please enjoy the collection now in the Gallery.




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Articles, Park Opening

I’ve come across a 1981 article from Christian Science Monitor talking about the soon to be opened Canada’s Wonderland.

It details all areas of the park and mentions park admission prices. From the looks of things Wonderland operated on a ticket system it’s first year.

Read the full article here!